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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2018-2019 Killarney Beach Staff

​PrincipalMrs. Torrie
​Senior Administrative SupportMs. Boyd
​KindergartenMrs. Taylor, DECE Ms. Cates
​KindergartenMrs. Oster, DECE Ms. Gray

​Grade 1​Mrs. Archie
​Grade SK/1
​Mrs. Andre-Vallins
​Grade 2​Mrs. Kerfoot
Grade 2/3
​Miss. Wallace
​​Grade 3​Ms. Marshall
​Grade 3/4
​Ms. Bakker
​Grade 4
​Mr. Archie
​Grade 5/6​Ms. McFadden
​Grade 5/6​Ms. Raines
​Grade 6/7
​Mrs. Brassard
​Grade 8​Mr. Kennedy
​Grade 7/8​Mr. Thompson
​French​Mme. Cooper
​SERT/Learning Centre​Ms. Zuffelt
​Learning Centre/Planning Time​Ms. Pappas
​Teacher Librarian​Ms. Wiltse
​Planning TimeMs. Templeton
​Custodian​Mr. W. Belgue, Ms. Hamilton
​Educational Assistants​Mrs. Monk, Mrs. VanKooten, Ms. Benstead